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Qianye is proud to offer manual spring mechanism and motorized spring mechanism for
roller blinds and zebra blinds with exclusive patents.

    QY motorized-spring roller blinds system is widely used in indoor lifting blinds, such as roller blinds, zebra blinds, roman blinds. The lifting blinds can be drived both by intelligent control and manual control.
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    A simple touch make your blinds freely stop with our new exclusive built-in spring device.
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R+T 2024 Door and Window Shading Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany
Hunan Qianye Precision Spring Co., Ltd will participate in the R+T 2024 exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, from February 19 to February 23, 2024, a leading professional event for doors, windows, roofs, and shading technologies. Come here to discover our "Flashlight Integrated Curtain Collection&
Discover the latest all-in-one flashlight at R+T Asia 2023 – the Motorized Spring Roller Blind System
Visit the booth H3A18 of Qianye Precision Co., Ltd. to experience the cutting-edge dual-purpose flashlight, do whatever you wantDiscover the latest all-in-one flashlight at R+T Asia 2023 – the Motorized Spring Roller Blind SystemVisit the booth H3A18 of Qianye Precision Co., Ltd. to experienc
Are Your Blinds Safe?
Blinds with cords are one of the top five concealed risks in the house, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The CPSC advises the use of cordless blinds in all residences where children reside or visit in order to prevent catastrophic child strangulations.
The impotance of the cordless blinds to children Safe
It is reported that incidents of suffocation, death or serious injury of children due to curtain pull cords have occurred from time to time.
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Now our steel tape spring can supply all kinds of cordless solutions for blinds lift systems, such as roller blinds, honeycomb blinds, zebra blinds, windproof outdoor blinds, venetian blinds, skylight shading systems, projection screens, etc.. This revolutionary innovation focus on child and pet safety, it is a long-term solutions to remove the risk permanently.

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